Paz y Amor Healing & Therapeutic Garden


Within the Pequeño Cottolengo there are various pavilions or homes where the residents live. One of these is called “Paz y Amor” (“Peace and Love”), which houses children and adults with severe neurological damage who do not have the ability to move by themselves and to walk through the green areas within the premises.

Nevertheless, this home had two interior gardens with grass and a palm tree in its center, but without universal accessibility so that residents could go outside and connect with Nature. Moreover, the gardens were separated by a corridor and a central wall that completely disconnected them from each other.

To reverse this situation the division of spaces was eliminated, creating a large therapeutic area composed of two gardens – one contemplative and one interactive – and the closed terrace that unites them. The space has universal accessibility, elements to stimulate the senses of the users, and infrastructure to interact with nature.

Inaugurated in March 2016.