Pequeño Cottolengo´s Home


Santiago’s Pequeño Cottolengo, located in the borough of Cerrillos, began operating in 1970 and currently houses over 340 children and adults with severe and profound intellectual disabilities, belonging to sectors of high social vulnerability. One of the institution’s objectives is to promote the dignity of these people – most of whom have been abandoned – through their assistance, care and education.

The premises have several green areas available to its residents, many of them with great potential to become healing or therapeutic gardens that serve to support and complement patient therapy, and which can contribute significantly to improving their quality of life.

Focusing on this challenge, jointly with Fundación Ilumina, Fundación Inspira and the Pequeño Cottolengo, we compromise a cooperation alliance. Each institution is committed to manage and coordinate the necessary resources to enable the existence of these gardens, based on a landscape design and infrastructure that facilitates the development of therapeutic activities, multisensory stimulation and recreation.