Puente Maipo School


Fundación Nocedal is a non profit organization that has been providing educational excellence to children and youth in underdeveloped sectors for the past 20 years. Their most recent school is the “Colegio Puente Maipo” which was founded in 2014. The school provides free public education with a strong academic foundation. The built  infrastructure of the school, including a soccer field and a school park for the community, progressively will reach its final goal of 8,000 square meters.

The main goal of the Master Plan is to provide a green open space for the children and the school community to play and learn about the natural environment, therefore we designed a school park that includes natural play areas; trees for shade including areas to rest and eat; trails and fields for outdoor sports; and vegetation that displays a wide array of colors and textures to allow the community to experience  the seasons of the year in close contact with nature.

The Master Plan includes phases of construction in order to grow alongside the building grounds. Consequently during 2016 we designed the Master Plan and in March 2017 we inaugurated the first playground area of the school.